Online Backups

An online backup service allows critical data to be backed up over the Internet. An encrypted connection is used to ensure confidentiality.

All data is copied to the Firewall server on a daily basis, this server is then synchronised with a copy on the Backup Server at Paverd Consultancy's offices on a weekly basis. In this way if there is a loss of data on one computer then at most a days work is lost, if there is a more dramatic loss of all computers, including the firewall, then at most a weeks worth of work is lost. These are the standard procedures should your organisation require more specialised procedures these can be put in place.

Paverd Consultancy takes care of the backup procedure and monitors the backups. This relieves the organisation from ensuring that there is always trained personel to perform the backups and also the responsibility of monitoring of the backup process to ensure that it does take place regularly.

Having the backups take place online also ensures that there is always a copy of all critical data off-site. Therefore in the case of theft, fire or flood there is no way that all copies of the data can be destroyed.