Secure Firewalled Network

All internet connections are under attack from automated rogue computers. Less sophisticated firewalls are often easily breached, exposing the internal network to potential abuse, corruption and exploitation.

Paverd Consultancy recommends a Linux firewall solution which is flexible in it configuration and rich in the features it provides. Unlike firewalls which are built into many devices (such as ADSL routers) the Linux Firewall allows for logging and analysis of attacks to ensure that breaches are detected and corrected.

Linux has a reputation for being more robust and secure than other operating systems with the turnaround time for patches when flaws are discovered taking hours as opposed to weeks or even months.


If a computer on your network is infected by a virus/spyware/malware, it has the potential to become a portal whereby any external computer can gain complete control of the network. Most Firewalls in ADSL routers only monitor traffic coming in and therefore will not block suspicious traffic, or connections, leaving your network. Your network could be compromised at the moment and you may not realise it.