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Online Backup

Online Backup

We provide online backup service through the US based company, Live Drive

If you had a fire and all your electronic devices were destroyed, would you be able to get back all your data, your pictures, your documents, your emails, etc?

If not, then you should consider an online backup solution.

Free 3 Month Trial

We are offering a trial of the Single User option FREE for 3 months, if after 3 months you are not entirely satisfied, then there is no obligation to buy. However, if you feel it is useful you can then either have a monthly or yearly subscription.

Available Packages

We offer a number of different backup packages:

PackageBackup Data SizeComputersCost/MonthAnnual Cost
Single User512GB1-2R100R1,000
Power User1TB1-5R200R2,000
Small Business2TB1-10R400R4,000
Windows Server512GB 1R300R3,000


  • The Single User is designed for a user with a desktop and/or laptop that needs their data backed up.
  • The Power User is for a person who has a few computers that need to be backed up.
  • The Small Business is for larger businesses with up to 10 computers.
  • The Brief case can be added any packages to synchronise files across computers.

The backed up files are also accessible via a web site and via apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, so you are able to view critical files when you are out of the office on any of these mobile devices. Blackberry users can view their files using the mobile website.


A 'Briefcase' can be added to any of the above packages. The Briefcase gives you a virtual disk drive that can be accessed from any computer and is kept in sync between all the computers. This will allow computers in different locations to be able to share files/folders as long as they have a connection to the internet.

So if you change a file in the briefcase on your notebook, it will then be updated on the briefcase on your desktop as well.

You can also use the briefcase to share data on the web with anyone. By selecting a folder and enabling web sharing the system then sends an email to the person, or group of people, who will then be able to access the files in that folder via their web browser and download any of the shared files.

If you are interested please email and we will setup a trial account for you.